Here's what our fans have to say about EverAfter!

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Fan Mail #1: Posted 1/28/03
I have to say EverAfter is one of those rare bands that puts out a CD where every song is great! It’s ‘replayability factor’ surpasses many of the big bands that are out there making millions. And if you’re lucky enough to catch one of their live shows, you’ll truly come to appreciate the heart and soul that they put into their music. The lyrics are timeless and many strike chords so deep in our collective psyche that they will appeal to just about everybody. I think that’s one of EverAfter’s biggest accomplishments: they offer something for everyone, no matter how broad or narrow one’s musical tastes are. You’ve made a fan out of me for ever after! ~Zenguy

Fan Mail #2: Posted 2/1/03
EverAfter is a local band that will one day find itself among the great bands out there performing on the national circuit. The harmonic & lyrical composition of your music is captivating as well as inspiring. Thanks for putting on a great performance at the Ballard Fire House in December. I look forward to your next CD or live show; whichever comes first. ~TimmerB