Below you will find information on recordings by EverAfter. CDs or tapes may be ordered by either:

  1. Sending a check or money order ($10.00 for CDs) or ($5.00 for Cassette tapes-if available) to:
    EverAfter P.O. Box 69618 Seattle, WA 98168
  2. You can order from Simply go to their website
    ( Choose popular music and type in "EverAfter" (one word), or simply click here for a direct link to the Everafter CD page.

  3. You can order from by going to their site at and typing in "EverAfter" or click here for a direct link to the EverAfter CD page.
  4. EVERAFTER: Staring at the Sky
  5. In the Seattle area you can find the new CD at local Silver Platters, Tower Records, Cellophane Square and Easy Street Records stores.
  6. Both EverAfter CDs are available on the Apple itunes site ( Type in the EverAfter CD titles or song titles to download individual songs.
  7. At our live shows, CDs are $5.00.

Click on underlined songs below to download sound samples.

Staring at the Sky
(Available on CD or Cassette Tape)

1. Drifter

2. Ship of Truth

3. Distant Star Utopia

4. Lavender

5. Questions

6. Candle

7. Living here this Way

8. Another Crazy Dream

9. You Turned Away

10. One out of Two

Delusions and Other Tales (Available on CD only)

1. Old World Time

2. If I were You

3. Drawn Away

4. Delusions

5. Find My Way

6. Melancholy Mind

7. Transformation

8. Holly

9. Destiny

10. The Legend

On The Threshold (Available on CD)

1. The Leading Actors

2. My Old Town

3. Doorway To My Memory

4. Time and Again

5. On the Threshold

6. Looks Like Rain

7. Two Roads

8. Feelin' Fine

9. Waste of Time

10. Fragile


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