...is a music project founded in 1997 by singer/songwriter Paul Buchignani.

Described as Original, Melodic, Philosophical Rock Music, EverAfter has recorded 3 CDs titled Staring at the Sky, Delusions and Other Tales, and On the Threshold. Audio samples can be found in the Music section.

Shortly after founding EverAfter, Paul released a self-recorded CD; "Staring At the Sky." He was subsequently joined by musicians Robert Brown (bass/vocals) and Mark Kanning (guitar/vocals/drums). The band performed several live shows in the Puget Sound region including opening for such artists as Todd Rundgren and Robin Trower.

In time, band membership changed and Paul was joined by master guitarist and recording engineer Jay Sinclair. Jay became an integral part of the sound on the 2nd EverAfter CD; Delusions and Other Tales. During this time, drummer John Condon and bass player Dennis Coile joined, rounding out the band's line-up for the next few years.

In 2005, EverAfter ceased playing live shows but continued recording a 3rd CD; On the Threshold. Due to technicalities, it took several years finish but finally was released in January 2012.

EverAfter once again began playing occasional live shows in 2012, with plans in the works for more.

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to the EverAfter musical experience!

Contact information:
P.O. Box 69618
Seattle, WA 98168
Phone: (425) 235-5715
Email: everafter7@aol.com